Its me, Magical!

I'm a creative living in Portland, OR. 

I attended school at The Art Institute of Portland and graduated with a BFA in Photography and Design. As I went through school perfecting my photography I was drawn into the world of illustration and design. In 2009 while living in downtown Portland I discovered the world of street art and became passionate about getting involved and applying the hours of drawing I was doing to making stickers. At the beginning, I simply enjoyed seeing my little character drawings around the city alongside other artists I admired. Then, the more I put up stickers, I slowly began to gather a following of my own and that's when it really became something I strived to keep doing. I started reaching out to other artists in the area to collaborate and work with. Through that I made a great group of artist friends and we constantly have a blast working hard together to put on shows and get our art out to the people that love it. 

In 2014 my lady and I decided to pack our bags and move to Los Angeles to learn and grow as artists in a new environment. That place is so wild and inspiring. We both had a great time and took a lot out of our experiences. In our recent return to Portland, we couldn't be happier to apply our new skills into the community we are both so attached to. 

I continue to pursue my love of illustration and design while exploring other creative outlets such as bookmaking, block printing, hand lettering, crafting leather goods,wood working, and rebuilding bicycles. 

To keep up with what I am up to on the daily and see what I try next follow me on Instagram @itsme_magical. 

Any further inquires shoot me an email at va.magical@gmail.com